For Mother’s Day from Laughing Cat by Etsy

laughing cat mother's day
[two_fourth class=”” last=”no” ][/two_fourth][two_fourth class=”” last=”yes” ]Obviously my first choice for everyone out there looking for a perfect Mother’s Day gift is an original Laughing Cat Steampunk Pet! That said, there are some truly gifted artists on Etsy and I created a special Mother’s Day Treasury there including just a few of them. I hope […]

Summer Flea Control for your Pets

dog scratching flea -laughing cat studio

Hey out there! Just a quick note to praise a product I found that I actually love. And no, I am not being paid to talk about them (though I am not opposed to the practice)…With the advent of summer…well fleas just come alive. My animals are indoor animals but this doesn’t make us immune. […]

On Designing New Stretchy Bracelets and Cat Opinions

Finding creative fuel for new designs is sometimes challenging, finding a quiet, cat-free environment in which to create these designs – even more so. George took a keen interest during the production phase of the latest bracelet designs. Not usually one for digging around in beads, George took time out from his busy day to […]

Meet Fidget – the Latest entry to the Laughing Cat In-house Team

The Laughing Cat team reservedly welcomes Fidget…found her in the beginning of this year wandering the neighborhood in the company of a beautiful 2 yr old Rottweiler. The Rottie as it turned out mastered an escape from a new adopter…I was able to contact the rescue organization and get her picked up and back to […]

Laughing Cat Studio gains inspiration

laughing cat bracelets featuring Mouse

It probably comes as no surprise that I am cat lover. More accurate to say animal lover – it just so happens that I have slightly more cats than any other species at the moment. Laughing Cat Studios was inspired by a random moment captured on film of one of our rescue kitties – Mouse. […]