Want a one-of-a-kind portrait of your special pet, decked out in Steampunk fashion? No problem. Laughing Cat makes it simple and affordable to create your special Custom Pet Design.

We do ask that you send a good photo…we realize that “good” is somewhat subjective, so keep these tips in mind:

Clear – the sharper the picture, the better. Not fuzzy, not grainy – sharp and in focus.

Visible – A black dog on a dark couch with no lights on is a bit difficult to work with. The better I can see your pet, the better I can showcase their unique look, expression and personality.

Contrast – It helps to take pictures in natural lighting on a background that contrasts a bit with your pet’s coloring. Think white cat on black background – avoid calico cat on patchwork quilt.

It is easy to get your custom pet portrait started. Select a dictionary print, necklace or bookmark and in the section before adding to cart – choose custom option and upload your image.

We work fast, and we should have a design ready for you within a few days. If for some reason we cannot create a design that meets your needs – we will refund any money spent. Not that that has ever happened…but there is a first time for everything!

If paying up front for the design is too much to commit to, send us an email to get something started.

Some examples of Custom Pet Designs: