Meet Fidget – the Latest entry to the Laughing Cat In-house Team

The Laughing Cat team reservedly welcomes Fidget…found her in the beginning of this year wandering the neighborhood in the company of a beautiful 2 yr old Rottweiler. The Rottie as it turned out mastered an escape from a new adopter…I was able to contact the rescue organization and get her picked up and back to her new owner – she seems a determined escape artist, I wish him luck in keeping her contained.

No one ever laid claim to Fidget though…and thus – stuck once more with another stray…this one an energetic, non-stop ball of puppy-ness. Not sure what she is made of…mostly irritating energy, soulful expressions and lots of tongue.

I suppose she is about 7 months old now…still no sign of slowing down…she is a bit of a fearful dog…not happy to meet strangers, children, other dogs. She barks at people or dogs walking by the house…then dashes back to me or to the front door. Fidget is a bit of a jumper…I suspect it is really just her way of trying to get to where she feels she rightfully belongs. In your face.

fidget balances
If I could just move this stool a liiiiittle closer to the food….

You might think Fidget is terribly clever and naturally talented as she balances easily on the kitchen stool. She isn’t, it appears to be a failed attempt to get closer to where: a) the food is or b) the cats are. Or both.



Waiting patiently for Clyde to make a move. Any move.
Waiting patiently for Clyde to make a move. Any move.

For the most part, Fidget is great with the cats. The first few days, she barely noticed they were there. Then when she finally noticed, she didn’t care much. She has relaxed a lot. A lot. She now quite happily chases the cats everywhere – though to her credit, there isn’t a bit of malice in the act. And for the most part the cats seem ok with her. They seem to know they have the ultimate upper…claw.

I am thinking her primary contribution to the rest of the Laughing Cat team may be keeping us on our toes. I haven’t done a design with Fidget yet. Trying to come up with something that is expressive of her personality in a positive way is proving challenging.But I shall of course keep everyone posted.

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