Laughing Cat Studio gains inspiration

It probably comes as no surprise that I am cat lover. More accurate to say animal lover – it just so happens that I have slightly more cats than any other species at the moment. Laughing Cat Studios was inspired by a random moment captured on film of one of our rescue kitties – Mouse. Mouse was discovered abandoned and starving, maybe 4 weeks old by some neighborhood kids. As luck (yeah, we’ll call it luck) would have it, I was fostering a nursing mother cat and her four kittens. She was a wonderful mother and readily accepted Mouse into her family.

A young Mouse, an inspiration in the making.
A young Mouse, an inspiration in the making.

What was most striking about Mouse was his sheer will and determination – about 3 weeks younger than his adoptive siblings – Mouse boldly and successfully attempted everything they did. He jumped, climbed, wrestled, and ate – all as well and as much as any other. Strong-willed and bold, Mouse won a place in my heart and he found his new home with me.

Fast forward a year – Mouse is still a unique, fun addition to the family – bold, fast and fearless in some ways, yet the most easily startled cat I have ever seen. Watching him leap in the air 3 feet after walking across a crumb on the carpet never fails to amuse. It is his spirit and personality that lit the spark of inspiration for Laughing Cat Studio. All the products found here were created to fill a need or desire of my own. I have many prints around the house, I create jewelry that I want to wear, bookmarks hold the place in the myriad of books scattered about the house, and shelves are filled with little crocheted bowls holding beads for my next project. I love each piece created, and hope some of them find their way to your heart and home as well.

Check out the very first Laughing Cat Dictionary Print Design featuring Mouse the Cat. This design is available in prints and a number of other options. Because I am awesome like that.

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