The origin of Laughing Cat Studio was almost “accidental” but has grown into a unique and compelling passion. To know anything about Laughing Cat is to know that the designs are eclectic, reflecting the personality and style of each animal depicted. Vintage top hats, bowlers, eye wear and more serve as artistic inspiration, recalling a more elegant time; while worn out and discarded dictionaries, poetry books and more serve as the perfect backdrop for each design. Every Laughing Cat design is infused with nostalgia, charm and a sense of humor –creating truly unique, wearable (unless it’s a print) works of art.

When it comes to creating a one of a kind necklace or bracelet, we draw upon the natural beauty of polished semi-precious stones, shells and more. Each piece includes at least one antique or vintage piece. This could be a small collection of vintage nailhead beads, or a stunning vintage Lucite focal. Some of our favorite pieces feature lovely recycled vintage coin trade beads. The blend of vintage and new, in stunning colors, shape and sizes create stunning jewelry pieces that are at once distinctive and timeless.